QAS – Wind Measurements / Site Characterization

Services and activities for the wind sector certified ISO 9001.

From the anemometer to the Weibull curve. Wind masts, wind measurements, data validation and data processing.

As part of the Wind Site Characterization, Tecnogaia operates throughout the Italian territory, managing at today a set of about 100 wind masts with a park of 25 owned stations (mast height from 10 to 96 m) and using a network of local technical operators for the activities of support for wind mast installations and ordinary maintenance.

The wind masts installation, their extraordinary maintenance and, more so, the data processing, is carried out exclusively by qualified personnel.

Wind data series recorded during the twenty years of activity in this sector constitute a heritage internal to Tecnogaia, managed with the utmost respect for confidentiality in relation to its own clientele.



  • Choice of the best positioning of the wind mast to represent the resource on the site
  • Iter for the authorization request for the installation of the wind mast
  • Supply or rental of the wind mast equipments and structure
  • Wind sensors calibration in wind tunnel
  • Installation and removing of the wind mast
  • Ordinary and extraordinary management of the wind mast
  • “Wind speed vector measurement” with minisodar for height till 200 m


  • Reading, decoding, validation and data storage
  • Statistical processing
  • Assessment of the long term wind regime by comparison with historical stations of the area
  • Assessment of expected energy production in the mast position
  • Wind parameters calculation in order to preliminary evaluate the IEC wind classification of the site