About us

Tecnogaia S.r.l. was founded in 2000, as and indipendent company, by the will of a team of technicians who have worked in the renewable energy sector for over 20 years, working at ENEL first and then at CESI (Reseach Centre of ENEL). Know-how, experience and specialized information are the patrimony that is the solid basis on which to built a new company.

Members references and Italian Wind Atlas

Tecnogaia members actively worked to develope the italian wind energy sector from its origins (1980) to today; they participated in the drafts of several projects, at today realized, and can claim the participation at works in collaboration with the most renowned institutes in the wind sector. Tecnogaia has the honor to have actively contributed, with CESI, to the creation of the Italian Wind Atlas.

Database of historical wind masts

Tecnogaia’s know-how includes an anemological database, in part constantly updated, consisting of a few hundred wind data series relating to as many stations installed in its time by ENEL on the whole national territory.

Overall policy on wind energy

Tecnogaia, based on the ideas of its founders, believes in the possibility of sustainable industrial through the use of renewable energy sources in the broader social strata. For this reason, it takes the view that the reference framework for the optimal technology of renewable energy is that of its widespread distribution in the territory. Its work also has to be made to individuals, small local environments, local governments, community associations and companies wishing to produce electricity from wind power.

Company policy

Tecnogaia, today composed of ten people, considers its primary purpose the Customer satisfaction; for this reason it is equipped with a quality system (ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001:2015) and set a policy that identifies the staff in his training and in his involvement, the most important assets of the Company.

Collaboration with experts

For the purposes of continuous growth, research and technical specialistic upgrade, Tecnogaia avails itself of the use of experts internationally recognized in the wind energy field.


Tecnogaia, in over eighteen years, has offered and carried out its work for more than a hundred Customers. Among its clientele, it counts the most important Italian producers of the electricity industry, Promoters/Developers of wind energy, major international companies operating in electrical engineering, but also small companies operating locally.